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Top 5 Sports cars of all time

When we were kids, there’s a good chance that, on one of our bedroom walls, we had a poster of a sports car, and one day dreamed of owning one. Even today, many adults dream of owning an expensive sports car, but, if they had the money, the dilemma of which one to buy and wondering ‘how much is my car worth’ when selling their old one enters their thoughts. However, you might wonder what the five greatest sports cars of all time are, and what makes them so great.

Speed is perhaps the most important thing about any sports car. The McLaren F1, widely recognised as the “fastest production road car in the world”, has a top speed in excess of 230mph, and is the stuff of dreams for many boy racers. However, it has been trumped by the Bugatti Veyron, with some versions reaching over 240mph, although everyday versions are around the 220mph mark. The Veyron, which will surely pass a vehicle check with autotrader.co.uk, also has a great body, which also helps to make a sports car great.

In this respect, the Ferrari Testarossa does very well. Looking at its best with red paintwork, its straight lines and rear spoiler helped to cement the Italian manufacturer’s reputation as one of the best sports car makers around. Sports cars tend to look better in one colour than another, and the Porsche 911 in white is testament to that. White paintwork helps to bring out the best in the car, hugging its every contour effortlessly.

Luxury is something you also come to expect from a top sports car, and the classic Jaguar E-Type delivers it in spades. Its sumptuous interior and comfortable yet sporty ride help to fully justify this car’s hefty price tag. All the aforementioned sports cars have speed, looks, great paintwork and luxury going for them, and if you own any of them, you’ll do all you can to keep that car for the rest of your life.


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