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Mud, mud and more mud: An unforgettable 4x4 experience

An increasing number of people have enjoyed track days at race circuits, driving fast cars and burning a little rubber along the way. A 4x4 experience is just as much fun, but itís more complex and certainly slower. Learning how to negotiate seemingly impossible terrain and putting these rugged beasts through their paces provides an unforgettable few hours.

For many petrol-heads, a track day at one of the many race circuits offers the ultimate thrill. Learning how to negotiate bends, when to put the pedal to the metal and when to hit the brakes is great fun, of course, and it gives us a greater understanding of just how intricate and complex the life of a racing driver must be. As you might expect, itís really not easy.

These experience days have been around for many years now, of course, and a gift voucher for such a day has become something many of us receive regularly when birthdays and other celebrations come around. Theyíre always hugely enjoyable, but after a while some of us might wish for something a little different, so why not drop hints about SUV days instead?

When you see a bright shiny Land Rover outside the school gates in the morning, or leaving the supermarket car park with a few bags of groceries, you can be forgiven for forgetting these beautiful 4x4s were made for something far tougher. In short, they were designed to take on the toughest terrain in the world, not the super-smooth roads of our towns.

Nothing gets in their way

An off-road driving experience puts these incredible machines back where they belong: on rugged ground where they have to negotiate steep inclines, deep ponds, gelatinous mud and rutted tracks. Seeing Land Rovers and suchlike on these circuits is almost like watching previously caged animals being set free to live in the wild once again.

For the driver, such an experience is always immense fun, and itís interesting to be able to see just how rugged the vehicles are. Sometimes it seems there is no terrain in the world which can stop SUVs, and there will undoubtedly be times during the day when you think you wonít be able to go on any further. The car, however, will tell you different.

It should be pointed out that, even for the most experienced road drivers among us, a 4x4 experience day isnít easy. You have to learn how best to negotiate various terrains, of course, and it can get a little tiring after a while. The focus is always on enjoyment, however, so anyone can have a go and savour an unforgettable day.


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