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A History of BMW M Cars

Founded in 1972, the BMW M division was initially conceived with the intention of it complimenting and helping BMWs motorsports programme, but it soon changed and became part of the mainstream line-up, influencing the top specification models. It is now one of the most famous sports lines in the world.

BMWs M cars are known for being superior in terms of driving ability compared to the rest of their stable mates, featuring high powered, tuned engines, modified body shapes, and a whole host of additional performance enhancements. They are also known for being expensive, though well-priced when their performance is compared to supercars.

All of these racing-oriented vehicles are designed and tested at the legendary Nrburgring in Germany. This intense track is where the worlds greatest cars are put to the test.

Nearly all of BMWs recent models have had an M version, with the notable exception of their luxury flagship, the 7 series. This car is deemed to be too heavy for proper performance, and a high-revving engine is seen to be at odds with the cars quiet demeanour. The smaller SUV crossovers are also not considered suitable.

Perhaps the most famous cars bearing the M badge are the M3 and M5. These cars are based on the 3 and 5 series respectively, and are widely considered to be the best sports saloons to be found anywhere on the market, at any price. Both cars began life in the 80s and have since seen power increases that match some of the worlds fastest sports cars. They are the benchmark by which Audi and Mercedez-Benz now strive to, though British marque Jaguar has recently began to compete in the super saloon segment with its XFR and XFR-S.

It is very important to note that M badges on BMWs can be very misleading. Aside from people attaching the badge to vehicles that simply arent M cars, there are also official factory BMWs that have an M badge on them. These are generally cars which have some form of enhancement, but are not fully fledged M cars. Recently, there has also been an M Sport package available on BMWs cars, which is almost entirely cosmetic.

You can find used BMW models at www.exchangeandmart.co.uk. The older M cars are available for very low prices, while still offering exceptionally good performance. Many would also argue that they are future classics.


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