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AMG vs. Brabus: What are the Differences?

AMG and Brabus are two of the world’s most famous tuning companies, both being affiliated with Mercedes-Benz, the difference being that AMG is now a subsidiary of Mercedes, where Brabus is still an aftermarket entity. There are key differences between the two brands, but one isn’t necessarily better than the other.

AMG are almost certainly the more famous of the two. It’s actually quite common to see a Mercedes with the AMG logo on the alloy wheels, or even on the boot lid. This is because, although primarily a tuner, AMG also offer stylistic upgrades that can be specified when ordering a new Mercedes. AMG is also a trim level on some modern Mercedes cars, without any performance enhancements. You can see some of them at www.carshop.co.uk.

If you want Brabus badging however, you’d need to order directly from them, or send your Merc in for modifications. Brabus modifications are often bespoke, and they’ll do anything the customer wishes, within reason. For this reason, models can be very expensive indeed. While used AMG cars are available at reasonable prices, Brabus vehicles tend to hold value over time. Buyers tend to keep them for a long time too.

Petrolheads will certainly be interested in knowing which of the two brands offers the fastest and most powerful versions of the Mercedes line-up. The answer is actually quite simple; nowadays there is no competition as such; Brabus offer by far the most powerful vehicles, often adding up to 200 horsepower to standard and AMG models.

What is interesting however is that some people might argue that AMG do the hard work. Many upcoming Brabus models are powered by an engine designed by the engineers at AMG – Brabus then boost the power up from that with a variety of modifications. It’s also AMG who improve the handling of Mercedes cars.

There isn’t really any competition between the two companies. AMG are at the very top end of the Mercedes line-up, and Brabus are only too happy to continue displaying AMG badging on their cars. Both acknowledge that they do different things.

This year’s Geneva motor show will see Brabus display several new models. The G800 is, as the name suggests, a Mercedes G wagon, but with a huge 800PS. The 4x4 will crack the 0-62 sprint in just over 4 seconds. In addition to this, Brabus will also display the 800 Roadster, an SL65 AMG with an additional 167 horsepower. It will rocket from 0-62 in 3.7 seconds.

So, to conclude, if you’re looking for a high performance Mercedes, then it’s AMG you’re looking for. If you want a bespoke automotive monster, then you want Brabus.


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