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CRISTIANO RONALDO has always been speedy.

But a new ad campaign shows the Manchester United winger going faster than ever before and beating the world's most powerful road car in a head-to-head race.



Lamborghini Reventon vs F22 RAPTOR fighter jet :

Mclaren f1 vs 3 mercedes sports cars:

David Coulthard in mclaren formula one MP4 vs Mercedes AMG SL55 vs CLK DTM car vs C200 Kompressor sports coupe.



BMW M3 Drift Burn Out :

BMW M3 drifts and burn rubber at Max Power tuning competition.


Bugatti Veyron vs Mclaren SLR

Bugatti Veyron vs Mclaren SLR

Giant F1 Crash:

A huge Formula 1 crash takes out many cars.



BMW M3 vs BMW M5 vs Mazda RX8 vs Honda S2000 vs Nissan 350z:



Unbelievable Ferrari Accident (360 Spider)


Ferrari vs. Lamborghini


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