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New Maserati Quattroporte

New Maserati QuattroporteIt's hard not to love the Maserati Quattroporte. Between its Pininfarina lines and the Ferrari-developed chassis and engine, it's a veritable four-door exotic that makes the top-of-the-line competition from England and Germany look downright ordinary. But both countries are preparing tantalizing new offerings (Aston Martin Rapide and Porsche Panamera), and the Quattroporte has been on the market for five years now. With the complete replacement not due until 2012, Maserati has wisely developed a mid-lifecycle update for its sumptuous sedan.Click Here for more details



Mahindra "keen" to buy HUMMER

Hummer H2General Motors is already having meetings with its dealers regarding all the possibilities for its HUMMER brand. According to reports, there are several companies interested in making a purchase of the military-inspired vehicles, though Tata Motors now appears uninterested despite earlier reports. One suitor is said to be Mahindra & Mahindra, the Indian company that plans on making a big splash entering the American market itself over the next few years. Just-Auto quotes an unnamed official at the company who says "Mahindra is very keen on acquiring the Hummer." Click Here for more details



Official Subaru Exiga info released

Subaru ExigaThe Exiga's naturally-aspirated 2.0L engine outputs 146 hp, while the sportier GT model with intercooler and turbocharger makes 221 hp. Passengers are treated to a huge panoramic roof that rivals even the new Jetta Sportwagen. The new model represents Subaru's latest proposal for a new type of multi-passenger vehicle, built on Subaru's strengths in vehicle stability, low noise, and quality ride -all realized by Subaru's Click Here for more details



Porsche Cayenne diesel arrives in early '09

Porsche Cayenne dieselWe have been expecting a diesel engine option for the Porsche Cayenne for a while, and it appears that March of 2009 may be the date. While Porsche purists the world over may be upset over an oil-burner underhood (or under trunk) of any Porsche model, we don't see the big deal...., rumors indicate that Porsche will be using a 3.2 liter version of this engine that makes at least 300 horses. We think that should do rather nicely. Click Here for more details



2009 Corvette ZR1 starts at $103,300

2009 Corvette ZR1General Motors and Chevrolet have just released all their official numbers for the 2009 Corvette ZR1.Iits base MSRP (including destination charges) will be $103,300. Add to that a $1,700 Gas guzzler tax, $2,000 for chrome wheels and another $10,000 for the only Option package available that adds upgraded seats, side air bags, Bose audio, a nav system Click Here for more details



Hyundai Coupe "Cool Emotion" Limited Edition

Hyundai CoupeIn order to increase the sales until the launch of the all-new RWD Coupe in Europe, Hyundai decided to launch a limited edition of just 100 units of the current version called “Cool Emotion”.Offered in two colours, Crystal White and Carbon Grey, the coupe comes with red leather interior and 18 inch Borbet alloy wheels. Powered by the 143 hp 2.0 litre engine the vehicle is offered at a price of €25,590. So hurry up, one unit was sold…99 to go!Click Here for more details



Chevrolet Camaro Convertible Supercar by Modern Muscle

Chevrolet Camaro ConvertibleModern Muscle revealed their latest creation: the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible Supercar. The car features a Corvette C5 aluminum suspension at all four corners, including independent rear suspension and the C5 differential. Under the hood there is a 9.3 liter Big Block V8 engine that delivers 650 hp Click Here for more details




GM provides sneak peek of production Camaro Convertible

CamaroJust like it first did with "official" spy shots of the production Camaro coupe, General Motors has released a pair of small shots showing the production Camaro Camaro ConvertibleConvertible in its current state of development. We're told on the GM FastLane Blog that the pics are a reward for the overwhelmingly enthusiastic response to the first set of shots of the Camaro Coupe, which apparently meant a lot to the team of engineers testing the vehicle. Click Here for more details



2010 Mazda 9 renderings

2010 Mazda 9Mazda will get into the luxury car market with the launch of the new Mazda 9 in 2010. The Mazda 9 will feature the same Nagare (”flow) styling and will feature sliced glasshouse that meets the tailgate seamlessly, echoing the shape of a classic coupe and offering maximum space.

Click Here for more details



BMW GINA Light Visionary Model revealed

BMW GinaThe BMW GINA Light Visionary Model that was seen via video being installed in the BMW Museum in Munich last week has finally been revealed, and the futuristic design study shows how BMW designers are thinking outside of the box when it comes to the materials that make up a car and also how the car relates to the driver. GINA stands for "Geometry and Functions in 'N' Adaptations" Click Here for more details



2009 Bentley Continental Flying Spur Speed

2009 Bentley Continental Flying Spur SpeedType 12-cylinder, 6-litre twin-turbocharged engine
Installation Front, longitudinal, all-wheel drive
Construction Alloy heads and block
Bore/stroke 84 x 90.2mm
Capacity 5998cc
Compression ratio 9.0:1
Valve gear Chain-driven DOHC per bank, 4 valves per cylinder, cam phased inlet and outlet
Click Here for more details


2009 Cadillac XLR refreshed, coming in July

2009 Cadillac XLRWe'd seen spy shots of Cadillac's halo roadster before, and today, GM officially announced the updates made to its luxury brand's halo vehicle. The range has been winnowed down to the Platinum and the supercharged V-Series. Look for the V-Series hood on all models and revised front and rear fascias with unique grillework for each trim level. The Platinum (above) wears the CTS egg-crate look, while the $100K V-Series presumably soldiers on with the mesh visage that is the V signature. Click Here for more details



Lotus Clark Type-25 Elise SC Special Edition

Lotus elise SELotus is releasing its first special edition supercharged Elise, the Clark Type 25 Elise SC, to honor legendary F1 driver Jim Clark who died four decades ago at the Hockenheim circuit. The British Racing Green and yellow color combo was inspired by Clark's Type 25 F1 car in which he won the world championship in 1963, and aside from the standard hardtop, black and silver Lotus racing wheels, black leather seats, red trim and wooden shift knob, this is the same. Click Here for more details



2010 Audi A7

2010 Audi A7According to Autocar, the A7 will be 4,900mm long, underpinned by a stretched version of the A5's Modular Long Platform (MLP) that will also be used on the next A6. The platform puts a premium on optimum weight distribution, and while the A6 will feature a traditional coil-sprung suspension, the A7 is expected to ride on an air-spring setup. Power is expected to come from a variety of gasoline and diesel powerplants, including a host of direct-injected engines ranging in displacement from 2.8- to 4.0-liters. Click Here for more details



Ferrari recalls 612 Scaglietti with F1 transmission

ferrari 612If you are lucky enough to be driving a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti, you probably have the company's automated manual F1 gearbox helping you swap the cogs. With its faster-than-Schumacher shifts, the F1 tranny can make just about anyone feel like a pro. Unfortunately, it can also leave you stranded if heat build-up triggers the clutch sensor. Thus, Ferrari has instituted an official recall of all 612 Scagliettis that could be affected by this finnicky F1 gearbox. Click Here for more details



Subaru Impreza coupe coming in 2010

Subaru Impreza coupeAs previously reported, both versions will be sporting separate sheet metal to differentiate the two coupes from one another. We'd suspect that the Toyota version will be fitted with a traditional trunk, while the Subaru version will get a hatch similar to that found on the WRX/STI. The image above takes all the right cues from the current Impreza, particularly the aggressive roofline and hunkered stance, and ratchets it up a notch with a new front bumper, swept back headlamps and bulging fender flares. Click Here for more details



Infiniti G37 sedan coming in 2009

2009 Infiniti G37 2009 G-series sedan will be upgraded with the 3.7-liter VQ37VHR V6. Exact output has yet to be confirmed, but the document rates the 3.7-liter V6 at 320+ hp, with power sent to a seven-speed automatic transmission. Two new exterior colors will also be made available: Moonlight White and Sahara Sandstone. Click Here for more details



2010 Mustang will be smaller

Ford announced that a new restyled and re-engineered Mustang goes on sale early next year. And because everyone’s main concern is to make cars more efficient and with lower CO2 emissions, the company decided to make the car look smaller."We have a car which I think is more suitable for the times than the Challenger and the Camaro," said Peter Horbury, Ford Motor’s North American design director. "Especially the Challenger — it is a huge car when you see it on the road." Click Here for more details


2009 Ford Ka unofficially revealed

2009 Ford KaThe next Ka shares mechanicals with the stylish Fiat 500, and after scoping the first unofficial pics from Auto Express, the Ford will be just as cute as its Italian sibling. Designers did manage to heavily differentiate the Ka from the 500, skipping the rounded lines in favor of edgier lines and details that reinforce Ford of Europe's styling language. Think micro-Fiesta, and you've got the picture. It'll have no less than three powertrains from the get-go, with a 68 hp 1.2L, a 100 hp 1.4L, and a 1.3L, 50 mpg diesel. Rumor has it that a hotter Ka ST is on its way as well, with 150 hp coming from a turbocharged 1.4L engine. Click Here for more details



Ford confirms Fiesta hatchback for the U.S

fiesta hatchbackIn a press release today officially announcing that the new Fiesta will be built at its Cuautitlán Assembly Plant in Mexico starting in 2010, Ford confirmed what we all expected: in addition to the Fiesta Sedan, it's going to build the Fiesta Hatchback for U.S. customers, as well.Previously, Ford has said it would only build the sedan version of the Fiesta for the U.S., perhaps believing that hatchbacks were still a hard sell in the U.S. Click Here for more details



Pagani to make five street legal versions of the Zonda R

Pagani CinqueIt seems that five roadgoing versions of the Zonda R will be created, known as the Zonda Cinque, which, appropriately enough, means five in Italian. Could this version of the Zonda be what we've seen testing in spy shots these last few months? Click Here for more details



220 MPG Supercar in the works

Hybrid Technologies is working on a new supercar using a gas-electric hybrid engine and that is supposed to hit 220 mpg—minimum. The car is designed for the Automotive X Prize and will be built in two different versions: a gas-electric hybrid entrant for the contest and an all-electric for production. The company will unveil a prototype version in September.

Click Here for more details



Hyundai Genesis sedan to start at $33k

Hyundai Genesis sedanHyundai has finally announced pricing for its first attempt at a serious luxury sedan, and when sales begin later this June, buyers content with the 3.8-liter V6's 290 horses can get behind the wheel of the Genesis sedan for $33,000. The Hyundai Genesis 4.6, equipped with the 375 hp, 4.6-liter V8 and ZF six-speed automatic gearbox will be priced at $38,000

Click Here for more details



Subaru RWD coupe

Subaru RWD coupeThe report goes on to say that the coupe will be based off the Subaru Impreza (despite Toyota/Subaru's own press release saying that it's an "all-new" platform) and that power will be provided by a naturally aspirated, 2.0-liter boxer engine producing 220 hp at 6,500 rpm, the coupe will debut in 2011 and pricing is expected to begin just south of $20,000. Click Here for more details




Renault unveils Laguna Coupe in Cannes

Laguna CoupeRenault has chosen the glamorous weekend which sees the Cannes Film Festival coincide with the Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix to take the wraps off Laguna Coupe. The flowing lines of the newcomer's elegant, uncluttered design express timeless beauty and the promise of sheer motoring enjoyment. Its performance provides unprecedented pleasure behind the whee thanks to the combination of its Active Drive chassis equipped with four-wheel steering. Click Here for more details



2009 Aston Martin V8 Vantage

2009 Aston Martin V8 VantageWhile the universally distinctive and award-winning shape of the V8 Vantage is retained, the car benefits from a number of technical changes which include significantly up-rated engine performance from a new 4.7 litre power unit in both Coupe and Roadster variants. Other changes include revised dynamics to take full advantage of increased power and torque availability, improved Sportshift™ transmission software and a new sports suspension option. Click Here for more details



Mazda RX-9

mazda rx9The photo above looks too cool not to be a future RX-8 incarnation, but the rendering merely represents one Mazda fan's interpretation of the next Rotary-powered sports coupe.Rhoadwh chose the front engine layout of the Taiki and the overall design theme of the completely badass Furai to make a race-ready RX-9 for the future. Click Here for more details



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