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Insuring a sports car

Insurance is a necessity for all vehicles on the road today whether it is a van, a little run around or a sports car, it can not be questioned, no ifs, no buts it is a legal requirement. Depending on which vehicle you drive determines the amount you pay for your cover and this guide will show you how to cut costs when insuring your expensive sports or performance car.

Insurance terminology

When searching for insurance, you are likely to come across these terms:

Policy/cover this is the actual legal contract of the insurance cover

Premium this is the amount of money you pay in order to be covered

Third party this is a type of cover which covers other parties involved if it is your fault

Fully comprehensive this is a type of cover which covers everyone affected including you regardless of who is to blame

Excess this is an agreed sum of money which is paid when making a claim

When it comes to buying your sports car, you should be aware that the premiums are going to be sky high, the car will be faster, more powerful and is statistically more likely to be involved in an accident and if involved, more damage will be caused. It is also well known that the drivers of these high performance cars are risk takers and once behind the wheel of an engineering masterpiece they will no doubt test the machines speed and handling limits.

One of the main factors which determine your premium is experience; insurance costs normally drop at the ages of 25, 30 and 50. Driving a sports car is not usually recommended to anyone under the age of 30 as enough experience has been acquired, giving that you have not had an accident, and older drivers tend to be more sensible drivers.

If you chose to purchase a sports car the be sure to park it away at night in a garage or at least on a drive, vandals and thieves will also be interested in your car so ensure all is safe when not in use. This can reduce your policy.

When choosing your insurer you need to shop around, do not simply opt for the first deal that you see. One option is to use online comparison sites to search the market instantly; most comparison sites now offer the chance to compare the entire policy against others.

Look at specialist insurers who only deal in the type of sports car you drive as some of the mainstream providers will not even take on a policy for such a car, these specialists can offer cheaper quotes as they have a more in-depth knowledge of the car.

Look at taking an advanced driving course as this will prove to the insurers that you can handle the sports car and are therefore less likely to have an accident.

If you are have the opportunity to drive a sports car, use these tip to reduce your car insurance premiums.



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