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Car Performance Modifications

When a road car is designed, many compromises must be made in order to satisfy a wide audience. For some people the most important aspects of a car are its reliability and economy, while others are more concerned about its performance and raw power. There are also legal considerations that a manufacturer must take into account, for instance all new cars must be detuned below 3,000 rpm in order to reduce emissions.

The result of this is that there is a (sometimes very substantial) margin for enhancing the performance of car.

It is also true that there are compromises that go alongside the gain. If you increase the carís performance, then you will be inducing more stress on various components of the car as you use them to increase performance. Fundamentally, everything will wear out at a faster rate.

Also, if you increase the performance of the car in terms of speed and acceleration, you should also take account of the need to improve the performance of the brakes and suspension concomitantly. If your modified car has more power in terms of speed, it should have more stopping power too.

The kinds of modifications you can make are tuning the engine, by modifying its mechanics, electronics and airflow, modifying the handling characteristics of the car, by upgrading the brakes and lowering and stiffening the suspension, modifying the drive train, for instance by installing a low ratio gearbox and maybe a limited slip differential, and, finally, upgrading the carís aerodynamics by adding a body kit that incorporates a wing or spoiler and side-skirts.

Some cars are particularly amenable to modifications and even simple modifications can add a huge performance benefit. One popular car with a 1.8 litre engine can be readily tuned to deliver 240 bhp.

If you do carry out any car modifications then it is very important that you inform your insurance company that you have done so. Failure to do this is likely to invalidate your insurance with potentially serious consequences. Although some modifications, such as remapping your car ECU, are very difficult to detect, it is still worthwhile telling your insurance company that you have done so.

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